Bucknell Whitehouse implement IRIS OpenSpace


25th November 2015

At Bucknell Whitehouse we’re always looking for solutions to strengthen the relationship between our customers and ourselves.  With this in mind we’re introducing our clients to IRIS OpenSpace; a collaborative tool that we believe will benefit all involved.

What is IRIS OpenSpace and what does it do?

IRIS OpenSpace is a safe, simple and secure collaborative tool for accountancy practices and clients to share documents with each other and get client approval electronically.  Simply put, it’s an easier and more secure way that we can work with our clients online. This is important to us because we exchange sensitive and confidential information with clients on a daily basis so it’s vital that these clients know their information is secure; thus enlisting our services with confidence.

What are the benefits?

If you’re wondering what the benefits are to you as one of our customers they are:

  • Fast and secure document exchange
  • Quick and easy to use
  • No software to install
  • Approve your tax returns with minimum fuss
  • Provide your tax return data as you receive it
  • Accessible on mobile devices

How secure is your information?

IRIS OpenSpace puts your security at the forefront in the following ways:

  • IRIS OpenSpace is compliant with the provisions of the Electronic Communications Act
  • Only you and your accountant can access your documents
  • Documents are encrypted and stored on servers based in the EU
  • The system maintains a log of secure and tamper-proof approved PDFs

How does it work?

IRIS OpenSpace creates a two-way channel:

  • Your accountant can send you draft accounts, tax returns or financial statements
  • Send documents & files such as bank statements, payroll slips and proof of identity or even backups from your bookkeeping software
  • You are automatically notified if there is a document awaiting your review and approval
  • Log in with your unique username and password to download and review the items - simply click to approve
  • Your accountant is notified once you have approved the document


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