Self assessment tax returns deadline


31st January 2013

Midnight tonight (31st January 2013) is the deadline for all online self assessment tax returns to be filed. Most of today will be spent by millions of people panicking and rushing to get their's filed in time to avoid the £100 instant fine issued by HMRC. Visit: for a more in depth analysis of the penalty charges.

It is a known fact that HMRC are basically the "police" of the tax world, and they are regularly carrying out checks on businesses. These checks are to ensure the accuracy of tax returns are correct. The "tax police" will look at factors such as PAYE contributions, VAT records and assets of the business, there's no stopping them really.

Due to this increased risk of being enquired by the HMRC, we offer fee protection insurance. Fee protection insurance basically means as your accountants, we will take care of the inspections and defend your business. Any additional fees occured are covered by the fee protection insurance policy. Here at Bucknell Whitehouse we make use of the services provided by TaxWise, who are one of the leading providers of fee protection insurance in the UK.

Don't let the HMRC barge into your business and cost you hundreds, possibly thousands of pounds in charges. Make sure your accountants provides a fee protection insurance service or look into it yourself. Our Sheffield specialist accountants will be more than happy to discuss your tax related issues with you and advise you on the steps to take.

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