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26th August 2016

HMRC plan to replace tax returns with digital tax accounts

Consultation documents published to fully digitalise the UK's tax system

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28th June 2016

Incoming: HMRC genuine email

HMRC are currently in the process of emailing an employer alert headed ‘Important information for employers’.

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17th March 2016

Budget 2016: noteworthy measures for businesses

George Osborne has delivered his eighth budget and there was plenty in it for businesses large and small to digest so here’s a round up of noteworthy measures we feel you should know about.

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7th March 2016

How do you protect yourself from costly tax investigations?

When HMRC points the finger it is your responsibility to meet the costs for your defense so it simply makes sense to have fee protection.

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18th January 2016

‘A rat ate my tax return’: 10 terrible excuses sent to HMRC

With the deadline for submitting tax returns approaching, HM Revenue & Customs reveals the worst excuses it has heard.

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25th November 2015

Bucknell Whitehouse implement IRIS OpenSpace

We’re introducing our clients to IRIS OpenSpace; a collaborative tool that we believe will benefit all involved.

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3rd November 2015

Complaints soar on Twitter over HMRC phone delays

Recent data from Citizens Advice discovered that these callers sent over 11,500 tweets in the past 12 months to complain about HMRC phone delays.

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20th October 2015

Upcoming deadline for 'paper' 2014/15 self assessment tax return!

Deadline for 'paper' 2014/15 self assessment tax return!

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15th October 2015

Auto enrolment pension scheme changes affecting small businesses

Have you heard? There’s been a change this year in how the auto enrolment pension scheme works for small businesses.

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13th October 2015

Changes to dividends from April 2016

From April 2016 a new tax-free Dividend Allowance will replace the Dividend Tax Credit.

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21st February 2013

Is your business RTI ready?

As of April 2013, everytime a business pays an employee the PAYE information must be sent to the HMRC in real time.

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15th February 2013

Warning letters regarding RTI

Be prepared to receive a letter from HMRC in the upcoming weeks about RTI preparations.

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12th February 2013

Tax chiefs defend themselves over tax avoidance schemes

Big firms including Google, Starbucks and Amazon have recently been broadcast in the news a lot regarding tax avoidance schemes.

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6th February 2013

New tax record set by UK

The UK has set a new record for the numbers of self assessment files returned on time. 9.61 million people managed to meet the deadline avoiding the £100 instant fine that the 730,000 late returners will have received.

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31st January 2013

Self assessment tax returns deadline

Midnight tonight (31st January 2013) is the deadline for all online self assessment tax returns to be filed. Most of today will be spent by millions of people panicking and rushing to get their's filed in time to avoid the £100 instant fine issued by HMRC.

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